MAY 26, 2016 - ESA, VILLA ROSE

    8:00 am - 6:00 pm


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    Oil and Gas in Eastern Mediterranean region recent discoveries have the potential to transform the economy of three neighbouring countries namely Lebanon, Israel and Cyprus. Our Country is in the early stages of building and Oil and Gas sector and still far from drilling the first exploration wells, hence Lebanon is unable to estimate how much oil and gas this country might have, however official studies proved that trillions of cubic feet of gas is the wealth our sea water hide.

    With no border agreement so far with Israel, and with the political deadlock of our country preventing the government of launching its first offshore oil and gas licensing round our rights as future oil-producing country are not respected or are ill-managed.

    We have to defend our rights to benefit from the economic expansion bound to the production of Oil & Gas which will allow us mainly to create hundreds of employments.


    In order to protect our rights the Lebanese Government created the Lebanon Petroleum Administration. To the same endeavor “Front Page Communication” and the "Forum for National Dialogue" organized two Forums on Oil and Gas and a series of conferences in the universities to enlighten our academic youth on this important economical and political topic.


    However the main Oil and Gas event for 2016 will be the Third Forum on Oil and Gas which will be held at ESA on May 26 and with a wide panel of international key speakers, Lebanese politicians, energy and economical sector key players, specialized press and blogs editors, and representatives of the country civil society and students.


    The summit will be most beneficial to:


    - Managing Directors, Vice Presidents, Members of the Board, Directors, Heads and Advisors of:

    • New Ventures,
    • Business Development,
    • Exploration,
    • Assets and Projects,
    • Universities.

    - Oil & Gas Experts.
    - Oil & Gas Law Practices.
    - Consultants.
    - National Oil Companies.
    - Governmental Bodies and Associations.
    - Civil Society Representatives.


    Oil & Gas Forum III - May 26, 2016 - ESA, Villa Rose


    in alphabetical order

    Arthur Nazarian


    Minister of Energy and Water, Lebanon

    Mustapha Assad


    CEO Front Page Communication

    Stéphane Attali


    Director General of ESA

    Georges Corm


    Lebanese Economist - Former Minister of Finance

    Vladan Dubljevic


    Deputy Minister for Mining and Geological Research, Ministry of Economy, Montenegro

    Toufic Gaspard


    Economic consultant to multilateral organizations, governments, and the private sector

    Patrice Geoffron


    Professor of Economics, Université Paris Dauphine, Director Center of Energy Economics (CGEMP)

    Gissa Guchetl


    Executive Director, Russian Union of Gas and Oil Industrialists

    Amos Hochstein


    Special Envoy & Coordinator for International Energy Affairs at U.S. Department of State

    Nasser Hoteit


    Lebanese Petroleum Administration

    Marwan Iskandar


    Vice Chairman of Pharaon and Chiha Bank SAL

    Elias Kassis


    Vice President North Africa, Exploration & Production MENA, Total, France

    François Kayat


    Managing Director, Lazard Frères

    Rayan Kouatly


    Managing Partner, Kouatly & Associates Attorneys

    Fouad Makhzoumi


    President of the Forum for National Dialogue


    Imad Makhzoumi


    Executive Vice President, Future Pipe Group

    Valérie Marcel


    Associate Fellow at the London-based think tank Chatham House and a consultant to KPMG's Global NOC Team

    Camille Menassa


    Chairman Front Page Communication


    Nathalie Najjar


    Lawyer, Chairman of the Arbitration Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce, Lebanon

    Carole Nakhle


    Director of Crystol Energy

    Lapo Pistelli


    Senior Vice President for International Business for Middle East and Africa, ENI

    Jean-Paul Sabbagh


    Lecturer at Sciences-Po, Paris

    Denis Simonneau


    Member of the Executive Committee in charge of European and International Relations, Engie

    Wissam Zahabi


    President of the Lebanese Petroleum Administration


    Get Together & Registration

    08:15 - 08:55

    08:55 - 09:00

    ESA Host Welcome

    09:00 - 09:05

    Mr. Stéphane Attali

    Oil & Gas Forum Introduction

    09:05 - 09:15

    Mr. Mustapha Assad


    09:15 - 09:25

    Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi

    Setting the Scene: Opening Notes

    09:25 - 09:35

    H.E. Mr. Arthur Nazarian

    International Geopolitical Scene

    09:40 - 10:15

    Mr. Amos Hochstein



    Regional update on the oil and gas development in the East Med & Europe

    10:15 - 11:15


    • H.E. Mr. Lapo Pistelli
    • Mr. Elias Kassis
    • Mr. Wissam Zahabi

    Moderator: Dr. Marwan Iskandar



    11:15 - 11:45

    Regional update on the oil and gas development in the East Med & Europe

    11:45 - 12:45


    • H.E. Mr. Vladan Dubljevic
    • Mr. Denis Simonneau
    • H. E.  Mr. Gissa Guchetl

    Moderator: Dr. Nasser Hoteit





    • Update on the Lebanese upstream petroleum sector.
    • Understanding good governance and contractual frameworks in Lebanon’s nascent oil and gas sector.
    • What are the transparency measures adopted in Lebanon’s petroleum sector?
    • Lebanon advantages in attracting IOCs.
    • Do low oil prices deter IOCs from investing in Lebanon? And if so, what could incentivize IOCs to still be interested in Lebanon’s offshore?

    East Med

    • Update and latest developments in Cyprus.
    • Global overview on the recent oil and gas developments in the East Med.
    • New discoveries and future plans.
    • Overview on the regulatory frameworks adopted by East Med countries.



    • Overview on Montenegro’s recent offshore developments (legal and financial frameworks, exploration and production bid round status…)
    • What does the E.U. energy strategy emphasize on and how can Lebanon leverage on such opportunities?
    • Lessons from the Euro-Med gas platform.

    Effects of low oil and gas prices on petroleum investment activities

    12:45 - 13:30


    • Dr. Carole Nakhle
    • Mr. Fouad Makhzoumi
    • Prof. Patrice Geoffron

    Moderator: Mr. Jean-Paul Sabbagh




    • What are the main economic drivers behind the oil price slump? (market over supplied, Iran new entry on the market, shale oil and gas…) What could be the potential impacts of lifting Iran’s sanctions on global oil and gas prices? - (geopolitical and financial impacts on the region, and on Lebanon in particular, with an emphasis on potential impacts on the gas markets)
    • How did low oil and gas prices affect the oil and gas industry so far (exploration activities, production, human capital…)?
    • How low oil and gas prices affect IOCs on one hand and service companies on the other?
    • Do low oil prices deter IOCs from investing in Lebanon? And if so, what could incentivize IOCs to still be interested in Lebanon’s offshore?

    13:30 - 14:30

    Meeting Sessions 1 & 2 for recommendations

    Financing O&G projects in the current environment

    14:30 - 15:25


    • H.E. Dr. Georges Corm
    • Mr. Francois Kayat

    Moderator: Dr. Toufic Gaspard




    • Market update.
    • Keys to project financing.
    • The Lebanese case.

    Good Governance in emerging producers: Challenges and Policy recommendations

    15:25 - 16:20


    • Dr. Valérie Marcel
    • Mr. Imad Makhzoumi
    • Dr. Nathalie Najjar

    Moderator: Mr. Rayan Kouatly




    • The Dispute Resolution Clause: Key factor for the Efficiency of Oil & Gas Contracts.
    • Attracting the most qualified investor in the long run.
    • Maximize the economic returns to the state through licensing.
    • Earn and retain public trust and manage public expectations.
    • Increase local content and benefits to the broader economy.
    • Build capable national organizations to participate in and oversee the development of the resources.
    • Increase accountability.

    16:20 - 16:50

    Meeting Sessions 3, 4 & 5 for recommendations

    Recommendations to move forward with the sector in Lebanon

    17:00 - 17:55

    • What is the opportunity cost that Lebanon is baring or could bare following a political deadlock or a stagnation in its prospective oil and gas sector?
    • Given the above geopolitical and economic contexts what are the lessons that Lebanon could draw on to optimize its position in being an attractive terrain for oil and gas investments?
    • How could Lebanon mitigate geopolitical and economic risks in order to proceed successfully with its sector?



    17:55 - 18:00

    Mr. Camille Menassa

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    ESA (Ecole Supérieure des Affaires) - Villa Rose - 289, Clemenceau street - Beirut


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